Julia Lazumirska

Vanity Fair

   The flower bloomed very magnificently on my windowsill one day, which inspired me to make a series of portraits. Its extraordinary and defiant form led to an association in my head with the desire to attract too much attention to itself, causing a feeling of superiority.


   To emphasize vanity and even the manifestation of a certain amount of exhibitionism, I chose special foreshortening, filled the maximum space of the frame with the flower, placed it either in captivity of illusions or scattered pollen like а splurge, symbolically used a mirror and shimmering foil.


   However, at the same time, I did not want to give the series a negative impression, because it is natural for a flower that blooms only once a year to have such a form. Moreover, there is a bright side to vanity, without a healthy dose of ambition it is impossible to develop. The timeless images of Robert Mapplethorpe’s flowers came to mind, far from fragile and strong in their invulnerable beauty.
   I try to find a balance between the light and dark sides of vanity and express it visually.