Julia Lazumirska

Sweet nothings

    One summer my husband gave me flowers. He plucked them in the garden, folded them clumsily into a bouquet and with words of love handed it to me. This gesture touched me deeply, and I wanted to save this moment. 
  Bright colors mentally transported me back to my childhood, when something pleasant was often associated with multi-colored candy pills such as Skittles. I have interpreted the advertising theme “taste the rainbow” in colors that are pleasing to my eyes. The usual picture was not enough for me and inspired by expressive colors of Emil Nolde flower"s art, I was looking for a way to express this through photography. Our memories are abstract and just sensations. The blurry pictures I achieved using an old lens visually convey my feelings.
   In ordinary life, despite its complexity and unpredictability, it is important to be able to find sweet nothings and enjoy them.