Julia Lazumirska

In memory of beauty

     This is the first series with flowers that was created after accepting the fact that I am a highly sensitive person. Researchers of the Highly Sensitive Persons phenomenon compare such people with orchids because of the delicacy of their nervous system. Therefore, when my beloved orchid decided to die and everything I did to save it was unsuccessful, I associated this situation with myself.

     The graceful flower has always delighted me with beauty and fragility. Then I took the camera and inspired by the abstract paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe, I decided to preserve the memory of it in the form of portraits. I sang this visual lullaby for the last time to my favorite orchid and peculiarity of my psyche. It is about the symbolic death of other people's roles that I played, and outdated beliefs, about gratitude and acceptance of a new self.

     Light sadness has turned to humility. I know that now this tender flower has beautiful dreams and I keep moving forward.